Freaky Friday

Girls! Just imagine you had, like, this really COOL MOM? Who totally understood all that you have to put up with from the MORONS in school and that CREEPY English teacher who totally hates you and is out to get you? And she finds out the reason why he’s so MEAN to you is because he liked HER in high school and she totally blew him off? And so she makes him stop?

And instead of being, like, this total SHRINK, and telling you: “communication, that’s all it takes” for you to be friends with that PSYCHO, Stacey Hinkhouse, she finds out what a total PSYCHO-BITCH Stacey is and totally pays her back for DELIBERATELY getting you into trouble?

And Ryan, your mom’s LAME-O boyfriend suddenly turns out to be sort of cool too? And he, like, even SAYS that he wants you to like him on your own terms and not just because your mom does? And your STUPID little brother is just pretending to hate you and even wrote this, like, ESSAY for school that said you were the person he admired most, ‘cos you’re so COOL?

And you ARE cool, totally, because you’re in this BAND? With your best friends? And the band is, like, REALLY GOOD? And you’re the lead guitarist and you’re REALLY GOOD too? And you get this audition thingy and you, like, totally win it and your mom is REALLY DOWN with that? And she’s there at the audition, like, cheering you and EVERYTHING?

And there’s this REALLY HOT GUY who’s a couple of years older than you are? And he has his own DUCATI MOTORCYCLE and everything and he totally LIKES you? And your mom doesn’t like him at first? But then she does? Because she totally understands that he’s HOT, but he’s like WAY MATURE too?

And then instead of just having to be maid of honor at your mom’s WEDDING, you and your band get to PLAY for it? And everybody, your mom and your new stepdad and even your grandpa and your little brother and all the old people there are totally getting INTO it? And they’re ROCKING with you? Wouldn’t that be like, WAY COOL?

Well it all happens to me in Freaky Friday, and if you go to see it I’ll be even MORE cool? And RICH? And a BIG STAR? So you go girls. OK?

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