December 14, 2018

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Entry from November 15, 2018

Like just about everything else, anniversaries — even those which are solemn occasions involving commemoration of the dead — are now seen as opportunities for scoring political points. In Britain, there was a debate in the press about whether or not Germans should be invited to the official ceremony of remembrance in London on the 100th anniversary of the end of the war in which they were the enemy. And why not, when the only enemies people care about these days are those who hold different political views from their own? It was no surprise, therefore, when the New York Times took the anniversary of the 1918 Armistice ending World War I as yet another opportunity to get in its digs against President Trump — in this case for endangering, along with others of his kind, all that those long-ago doughboys were presumptively fighting for. Full Entry

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